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Our Office

From your first phone call to our office to the moment that you leave our office, our goal is to make it a positive experience for you.  A friendly voice will assist you in making your first appointment, and in gathering the information needed to make your first visit a successful one for you.  On each visit, you will be greeted by another staff member ready to assist you in completing paperwork necessary for your care (first visit forms can be found on this website), making certain that the treatment staff is ready for you, and making certain that any paperwork needed by your insurer is completed.

Our therapy staff is highly trained and educated to assist in your care through application of therapy modalities, teaching you home care methods, assisting with exercise instruction, and can answer questions about proper ergonomics at home, work and play.

Our patient care coordinator will assist in making referral appointments to specialists, appointments for testing such as MRI or CT scans, and with paperwork necessary for these visits.  She will also assist you in making convenient appointments for your care.

Our insurance coordinator will file insurance claims electronically or on paper, as necessary, each week to make certain that your benefits are maximized, and that your care is paid for promptly.  She will also credit your account for any payment received for your care.  She may contact you if she needs additional information or paperwork to complete these claims.

X-ray and bone density studies are done by a licensed health care professional trained in the specific needs of our patients. X-rays are read by our licensed physicians and in cases where additional information is necessary will be referred to the appropriate medical or chiropractic radiologist.

Dr. Greg is friendly, caring and professional, and totally dedicated to finding out the cause of your problem, treating it at the highest standards, and helping you to prevent reinjury.  He is dedicated to being up to date in his profession and in treatment methods that relate to your care.

We are totally committed to our patients in the Pinellas County area as well as our patients who are here vacationing.  We enjoy helping them improve their health and stay healthy!

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