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"I didn't do anything, and I have the worst back pain ever!"

Largo low back pain and leg pain sufferers often find that their pain is prompted by no specific activity or injury. This is common. Why?
Realize that a normal spinal nerve, one that has never been compressed or irritated, does not cause pain the first time it is irritated. However, once it has been irritated, it becomes more sensitive to any subsequent irritation such as compression or chemical inflammation. If a nerve is irritated repeatedly, it can require less and less irritation to cause equal or greater pain. Such a simple act as stepping off a curb at your favorite shop in Largo, a cough, reaching or bending at the waist, or other movement can instigate nerve irritation and lower back pain or leg pain
A massage feels great, but imagine if your skin is sunburned. 
The spinal nerve reacts the same when it is repeatedly irritated.
Severity of nerve irritation determines not only the pain but also the disability it causes you. For example, at 20 mm of pressure on the spinal nerve by a disc herniation or spinal stenosis, the extremity pain may feel like numbness or tingling down the leg. At 60 mm of pressure there may be a loss of muscle reflex, muscle weakness, and great pain down the leg. (5) Largo's Hollstrom & Associates Inc may relieve this irritation. Your pain pattern changes as you heal. The leg pain may change from a stabbing or burning pain to a numb feeling or even move upward out of the leg and localize in the lower back. Hollstrom & Associates Inc wants you to be aware that these changes will take place as you heal. Also note that the leg pain or back pain will come and go as you heal. This is as normal in Largo as anywhere else in the world.

But What Did I Do?

Do not be shocked when you feel low back pain or extremity pain/leg pain and cannot relate it to a specific incident that would have started it. This is common with repeated episodes of low back pain or leg pain. The common question of "how long until I feel better?" does not have a straightforward answer, but know that Hollstrom & Associates Inc is here to help.

chiropractic Lower Back Pain Relief in Largo

In caring for chronic lower back pain, chiropractic gives higher satisfaction.
  • At one month of care, chronic low back pain patients treated by chiropractors showed greater improvement and satisfaction than patients treated by family physicians while nearly a third of medical patients reported their low back pain was worse or much worse. (1)
  • 56% of chiropractic patients reported their low-back pain was better or much better while only 13% of medical patients did. (1) 
  • chiropractic patients with chronic low back pain that extended below the knee showed more favorable response to care than did medical patients. (2,3) Further, a greater share of chiropractic patients were satisfied with all aspects of their care. (2)
  • chiropractic is superior to physical therapy and physician care for work-related low back pain disability recurrence. (4)

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Largo's Hollstrom & Associates Inc offers the well-documented, federally-funded researched Cox Technic System of Spinal Care Management - from the  examination, diagnosis, and treatment to at-home care for you to help control and prevent low back pain - to relieve your lower back pain.

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