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Use Largo Chiropractic Care to Combat Gravity's Bad Effects on Back Pain

The need for chiropractic spine care is evidenced in this new study that shows lower back pain as a major problem throughout the world, with the highest prevalence among female individuals and those aged 40-80 years. Global increased frequency is predicted in the future. (1)  So rely on your Largo chiropractor to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge spinal care. Hollstrom & Associates Inc reads the literature and keeps abreast of the causes and treatment of lower back pain and spine related pain.
Speaking of causes, have you ever heard that gravity affects our spine? That is, gravity causes us to lose height, develop back pain, and leave us unable to participate in our normal activities of daily living? Well, it’s true. And whether you’re 40 or 80 years old, you want to still live your life in Largo without back pain…and you should! We at Hollstrom & Associates Inc strive to keep you active in the easiest, gentlest, evidence-based way possible. But it’s amazing what some researchers are trying today though…

Here is a study that will surprise you. A total of 24 male subjects completed 60 days of head-down tilt bedrest as part of a bedrest study for back pain relief. They returned for magnetic resonance (MRI) scanning 180 days and 2 years. Researchers measured their lumbar disc volume, anterior and posterior disc height, disc signal intensity, intervertebral length, and lordosis. Compared with prior-to-bed-rest images, the new images show increases in disc volume, disc height, and intervertebral length that persisted 180 days and 720 days after bed rest. Disc signal intensity remained increased 180 days after bed rest but was then decreased at 2 years. Bottomline: the recovery of the lumbar intervertebral discs after a 60-day bed rest is a prolonged process and incomplete within 2 years. (2) So what does Hollstrom & Associates Inc offer to help those who don’t have 60 days for a tilted bed-rest routine to reverse gravity’s negative effects on our Largo back pain patients’ spines? We have Cox Technic, the non-surgical and well-researched system of back pain relief.

Ask your experienced Largo chiropractor at Hollstrom & Associates Inc to describe the decompressive effects of spinal manipulation with Cox Technic. Our Cox Technic flexion distraction spine manipulation allows the disc space to increase, the nerve openings to increase by 28%, drops the pressure inside of the discs of the spine (as opposed to increasing pressure as that which is developed by standing and walking and running), and regaining normal spine movements. So, contact your Largo chiropractor today to gain or regain your quality of life and spinal health by resisting the degenerative changes gravity exerts on your spine.
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